Redefining Digital Banking and Crypto Transactions

Today's financial market is changing, so do payments. With PayAccept, everybody can create a digital bank account and start accepting local or worldwide payments. Borderless decentralized payments all driven on Web3 technology. No middleman or banks. Get onboard, grow with us and be part of it.







Why Choose PayAccept?

  • Dominant player in crypto-banking fusion.
  • Trailblazers in crystal-clear blockchain solutions.
  • A team of professionals with a track record of excellence.
  • Ready and set for exponential expansion and development.

Embark on a Journey of Growth With Us

Consider the potential when you:

  • Invest in PayAccept, the future powerhouse of finance.
  • Transform into an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) for greater regulatory traction.
  • Aim for a listing on top-tier crypto exchanges and the stock market.
  • Witness the caliber of industry stalwarts like Revolut.
  • Unveil insurance services, right at your fingertips with boundless opportunities.

In the current landscape, smooth integration between crypto and traditional finance remains a hurdle. Mainstream financial entities exhibit reservations towards crypto, with many banks reluctant to onboard crypto-affiliated clientele, citing elevated risks. Where many see roadblocks, we see untapped potential.

Blockchain stands as a beacon of transparency, available for all to scrutinize, thus allowing clients not just to meet but excel beyond regulatory standards. We're committed to making the dream of frictionless digital asset exchanges a living reality, narrowing the chasm between conventional and futuristic finance.

By investing in PayAccept, you're not just securing your future; you become an integral part of our vision. Become a proud tokenholder today.

Our Goal: Becoming an Electronic Money Institute (EMI)

We founded PayAccept to revolutionize the way digital currency is accepted - making it effortless, smooth, and without boundaries. Say goodbye to cumbersome financial processes; once you experience our platform, you'll never look back. We're committed to providing a holistic solution for digital asset management - whether it's spending, saving, staking, investing, or borrowing, all in one intuitive app. As we advance our journey to become a recognized Electronic Money Institute, we're poised to perfect the bridge between conventional and digital assets. This allows us to offer swifter transactions by eliminating intermediaries, ensuring stricter regulatory adherence, bolstering client confidence, and venturing into innovative areas such as decentralized insurance.

How to get onboard?

PAYT Token

Decentralized Finance is the future. Get onboard and be part of it by acquiring the $PAYT token.

Read more about the tokenomics

PAYS Token

PAYS (PayAccept Security Token) reflects a digital tokenized part of the share-capital of PayAccept B.V.

Available in 2024

Ongoing Tokensale

Until the end of the year, we are running a tokensale in which the team allocate 3M PAYT into the market for sale.


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