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Last Updated 05/03/2021

New Sources Energy N.V. (“NSE”) announced today that it is conducting exploratory talks with Pay Accept about the development of an Energy Exchange Platform

The structure of the energy sector is changing dramatically. A limited number of public energy companies took care of the production, distribution, and sale of energy centrally in the past. Market forces have led to many new companies entering the market that have created increasing competition through specialization. In the current development, more people have become producers themselves as well as customers. Think of a decentralized generation of solar energy by consumers and SMEs. This creates many new opportunities for sustainable innovations. A capacity market will form in which renewable assets and energy storage will play a leading role.

“PayAccept wants to contribute to this process and will empower the energy market by developing its own Energy Exchange Platform that is open to all companies and consumers. This makes it possible to provide affordable green energy, allow solar panel owners to earn a higher return, and will lead to the promotion of sustainable energy", says PayAccept CEO Chris van Steenbergen.

By using blockchain technology, we can store exact data about where energy comes from, how it is produced and ensure that every sustainably generated kilowatt-hour (KwH) is accounted for transparently.

The collaboration is in line with NSE's strategy to invest in activities that extend the current core activities, namely the development, operation, and investment in projects aimed at sustainable energy generation.

Published May 3, 2021