About PayAccept

Realizing a global payment system and taking away the middleman

Our Story

PayAccept was established in April 2020 and is on the mission to empower people to effortlessly access their digital assets through a platform that demonstrates simplicity, empathy, and utility.

The financial world is rapidly changing and became more and more decentralized. We are here to give access to everybody around the world.

PayAccept is revolutionizing the way we manage payments. By combining traditional and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and offer access to fiat, cryptocurrency, lending, card issuance, payment solutions, and risk management services.

Total fundings

Founders are high-skilled blockchain developers
Established in the EU

Unbank the unbanked

87% of people had challenges with money transfers and 89% were unhappy with the existing solutions available to them.

We want to give everybody in the world to financial products, even from crypto, stocks, shares, bonds, savings, cashbacks, loyelty cards, without borders and without any middleman in between. That is what we want to achive, by simply launching an application which can do it all! Welcome to a better financial world, welcome to PayAccept.

We are located at the High Tech Campus

We want our teams to be happy and healthy both inside and outside of work. Our benefits and perks are indicative of the philosophy that by taking care of our people they would take care of our users.

Our office is located at the High Tech Campus which is the place for other inspiring companies like Philips, ASML, VodaFone and 250+ more companies which are located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.