Global and worldwide payments

Payments without borders. With our app you can make a payment to everybody in the world without fees and within milliseconds. We take away all borders and besides that all transactions are directly settled. The waiting is over.

Earn on every transaction

With our cashback, you earn money when you are doing a transaction. Why to pay a bank for moving your money, let your money work for you!

Pay your friends or become a payment terminal

It's like giving a handshake, but now with your mobile phone. Pay your friends instantly, or transform your mobile phone to an own payment terminal, to receive payments wherever you are. Power to the people!

Optimized for

People don’t care how centralized finance or DeFi works — nor do they need to. They just want it to work.

Supporters don’t need to suffer through long, error-prone processes or navigate multiple blockchains. Gone are the days of copy/pasting contract addresses and predicting gas fees and slippage. Embr Checkout just works.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.