PayAccept Simplified Accepting Digital Payments with only one Mobile App

Send payments worldwide with the lowest fees, instantly with our app. Our technology removes borders and enables instant settlements. Enjoy the advantages of digital payments and exciting features.

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Our Unique Features

Our application features an array of exciting features to capture your attention.

Accept credit cards

Let your supporters buy new assets the way they want to.

Global reach

Reach the 99% of people without a wallet.

Easy payment methods

Pay with QR or NFC, we integrate the newest technologies.

Audited & Secured

Offer the strongest evolution of Web3 cybersecurity.

Enhanced security

Checkout monitors threats every 10 seconds, providing relentless protection within the Web3 world.

Top-level compliance

On-chain AML analysis, KYC and fraud monitoring help you avoid the costly pitfalls of compliance burdens.

There is still more to discover...

Over 1000+ digital assets

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tokens, NFTs, Bonds, Stocks, Stablecoins or just old traditional money, we all cover it.

On-/off ramp for fiat and cryptocurrencies

When it's bull or bear market, conversion to fiat should be always possible.

Instantly even with 300k transactions per second.

With a whopping 300,000 transactions per second we make sure we can handle the traffic. Though the use of the PayAccept blockchain we are offering the highest possible transaction rate, and a smooth and instant payment.

Digital Vault

Secure crypto storage with top-level encryption. We place your digital asset safety in cold storage.

We keep your funds safe

At PayAccept, security by design is a priority. We continuously test, deploy 2FA authentication safeguards, and employ development practices to keep up with industry standards. We also use reliable technologies to ensure a secure and seamless user experience with our applications.

Tap 2 Pay / Mobile POS

Transform your mobile phone into a contactless payment terminal with no monthly fees and just a 1.5% transaction fee. Just tap your mobile phone with another one and the payment is done! Simple and accessible for everyone.

Your business, made simple

Own a business, or work as a freelancer? Let PayAccept for Business take care of payments through easy links or QR code you can send to your customers. No gateways, no contracts, no hassle and instant payment.

Whitelabel wallet

Always wanted to have your own branded wallet with your company logo and own asset and look-of-feel. Contact us and get it up and running in no-time.

Your mobile as Payment Terminal

It's like giving a handshake, but now with your mobile phone. Pay your friends instantly, or transform your mobile phone to an own payment terminal, to receive payments wherever you are. Power to the people!

Get cashback and rewards

With our cashback, you earn money when you are doing a transaction. Why to pay a bank for moving your money, let your money work for you!

Exchange your assets

Trade directly from your wallet and exchange your assets fast and secure. No need to use a centralized exchange again.

Web3 Payments for E-commerce

Accept crypto payments in your ecommerce shop! Using PayAccept you can launch your crypto project in minutes. We take the hassle out of crypto payments, and allow you to get a head start in your Web3 business!

In-Browser Wallet

Accept crypto payments for anything! Using PayAccept you can launch your crypto project in minutes. We take the hassle out of crypto payments, and allow you to get a head start in your Web3 business!

Loyalty Cards

Accept crypto payments for anything! Using PayAccept you can launch your crypto project in minutes. We take the hassle out of crypto payments, and allow you to get a head start in your Web3 business!




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Name Payment

Forget long IBAN accounts or 0x Ethereum addresses, just pay with an email addresses or mobile phone number. Or even better with a namespace like friend.payt, mrbeast.instagram or crypto.telegram. Register your namespace today at PayAccept and use it to receive payments!

Pay Button

Whenever and whatever on which online medium your active. Create a payment button to receive payments. For example send a payment button on your facebook fanpage, or favorite telegram group. Let people subscribe to it and we handle the rest! Simple and Clickable.

Apple/Google Pay

All cards which PayAccept has can be instantly moved to your Apple / Google Pay environment. Store your favorite card and loyalty card on our platform and us it anywhere.

PayAccept Card

Just one card does it all! Why to have so many cards in your wallet. Reduce it to one simple card which accept everything. Reward your customers, give your employees a limited spending card, or pay with it in shops and receive a cashback. Discover the new PayAccept card, available in 2024.

What's built. What's next.

PayAccept lets you reach the 99% of people—all with a single integration. Get access to advanced payment features like fiat on-ramp, easy wallet creation, multi-chain support, and much more.

Supported use cases

DeFi Tokens

Platform tokens

Corporate tokens


Decentralized apps

Built-in features

API integration

EVM Multi-Chain Support

E-commerce Support

Email & SMS receipts

Social Media Payments

Push notifications

Security & Compliance

Audited smart contracts

Bug bounty programs

AML/KYC compliance

Conversion optimizations

QR & NFC Payments

Buy buttons

Pop-up modal

Checkout Launcher

Branding customization

White labeling

Responsive design