Take full advantage of PAYT

Make the most of you PayAccept experience with our PAYT token. Our token holders receive a huge range of additional benefits for all the products and services we offer covering everything from global handling of cryptocurrency payments to asset management. Explore below to see you all the perks available to our PAYT token holder.


What is the utility of PayAccept's PAYT token?

VIP Membership

Enjoy priority access to new features, inside information and an exclusive internal holder forum.

Lower Fees

Gain upto 50% discount on all your transaction fees.


Stake your PAYT on Ferrum.

PAYT Nodes

Limited to a few PayNodes, as little as 45,000 is required as collateral to become a validator and yield a yearly interest of 50%.

Crypto-backed Lending

Use PAYT to unlock further saving and investment sections.


Receive new tokens when new assets are listed.


as per April, 2021

Token Distribution

Initial Token Offering on Exchanges: 15.000.000

Team Funds: 5.000.000

Funds for Listing, Airdrop, Bounty and Marketing Purposes: 5.000.000

Reserved for Staking and PayNodes: 20.000.000

Initial supply


Reserved for Staking and PayNodes


Tokens in circulation

~ 5M

Total supply